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Urgent KWSC Matter

Dear KWSC Squashers,

I urge all of you, with the existence of the club at heart, not to ignore this mail.

The extraordinary meeting called for on 02 August 2018, was unsuccessful due to only four persons attending. Nonetheless, a more important issue has transpired since and i'll be forced to make a decision myself, if I don't get any assistance by the KWSC community.

Four years ago the KWSC applied for a long term lease of the property which the club is situated on, as well as the lease of the neighboring property. The City of Windhoek has finally come back to us in form of a council resolution, not only turning down our application, but making various other demands prior to them considering a renewal of our lease agreement. I've attached a copy of the council resolution to this mail.

Herewith our options:
A. Meeting CoW demands - renewing the lease: We meet the demands of the council and run the facilities 'on a low key' to accommodate the few members which we currently entertain. This however comes at a cost as we'd have to demolish all the structures mentioned in the the council resolution and address the storm-water and access issues, in addition to the court - and light maintenance. The care-taker and the cleaner would have to be released from their duties. I have to remind you that the club is dependent on the income from tournaments and sponsorship's. The City of Windhoek is limiting us to the use of the one property and no activities may 'spill' onto the road and pavements. This prohibits us from hosting any future tournaments as space and parking is not sufficient. Sponsors will also refrain from supporting us as they don't receive the desired exposure.

B. Dissolution of the Club: We notify the CoW that we have NO intention to renew the lease and that we'll have the property vacated by end of September 2018. The club has sufficient funds to settle the 'retrospective occupational rent' and we'd have to settle the account for the booking system in the UK. Any shortfall can be covered by selling all movable property inclusive of the glass court wall and timber floor. Any surplus would be divided among the remaining members of the club. Ultimately the club would be dissolved.

At the meeting on 02 August it was mentioned that we should address our land issue with the owner of a certain vacant property in Eros and to possibly negotiate a deal to erect a new indoor facility. Other indoor sport codes in need of facilities (karate, racquet ball, doubles squash, spinning classes etc.) could be approached for a joint venture, which make a facility like ours more realistic and feasible. Yet, this is in unforeseeable time and will require serious fundraising.

I'm once again pleading to all those with the future and existence of the club at heart to assist me with this decision and provide me with advice on any possible level. Please note though that there are NO available funds or patience for a legal battle and that time is extremely limited.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards
Roland Ludwig

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