Booking Rules

  • Full Members
    • Full Members may book a court up to 14 days prior. When booking 14 days prior, Full Members may only book from 6 am onwards (on the day when booking).
    • Full Members may only book and use 1 peak-time court per day.
  • Non-Members
    • Non-Members may only book a court up to 7 days prior. When booking 7 days prior, Non-members may only book from 6 am onwards (on the day when booking).
    • Non-Members may only book and use courts at off-peak times (see "Peak Times" below).

Court Booking Fees

  • Full Members
    • N$ 25 per 45 mins at peak times.
    • N$ 15 per 45 mins at off-peak times.
  • Non Members
    • Not allowed to play at peak times.
    • N$ 25 per 45 mins at off-peak times

Peak Times

  • From Monday to Thursday, court start times at 1245, 1330 and from 1630 onwards
  • Fridays, court start times at 1245 and 1330
  • All other start times are off-peak

Member Accounts and Top-ups

  • All members have accounts within this booking system and must have credit in order to book courts.
  • Full Members (only) are allowed N$ 40 overdraft to book courts when out of credit.
  • Non-Members who have not used the courts before will need to be registered on the system, and will be sent login details from "". In order to register, please contact
  • Both Full Members and Non-Members can top-up their accounts by purchasing N$ 100 top-up vouchers at the club from Paulus or Williebald. To apply the voucher credit to your account, you can either use the kiosk booking system onsite at the club (you will need to know your PIN number), or log into the website and click "top-up with voucher" on the left side of the screen, and follow the instructions.
  • Please be sure your spam filter allows emails messages from "".
  • If you have any queries, do not "reply" directly to these messages, please email

Cancellations & Refunds

  • When unable to use a booked court, members should make every effort to cancel as soon as possible so that other members may use the court.
  • The court fee is automatically refunded when the court is cancelled more than 48 hours prior to the start time.
  • When the booking is cancelled within 48 hours prior to start time, the booking fee is only refunded if the same court and start time is re-booked by another member.

Full Member Application Form

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