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Dear Klein Windhoek Squash Club Members, We as committee have the following concerns that need to be addressed immediately: -If you book a peak session, please go and play. If you can't make it, please cancel the booking in time. Those that do make use of the cancelled court alerts and want to play, can then at least get a chance to book the session. You'll also get your money back if the session is booked by someone else. From now on a no-show will be penalized by deducting additional light fees from your account. -Lately we see more and more non-members playing in peak sessions booked by members. We feel that this is blatant abuse of the system and complete disrespect towards fellow members. Please select your opponent when you make a booking on the system. If we find any non-members at the club, playing during peak sessions, you will be issued with a warning on first offence. Second offence - the person that did the booking will be fined N$500.00! We are working hard to give everyone equal opportunities to utilize the courts and to maintain them and therefor request everyone to co-operate. Best Regards The KWSC Committee

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